Taking the rough with the smooth

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Okay, loads has happened since last posting. I have been visiting the site and stuff, but I just haven't had the energy to write anything. In fact, I don't have the energy right now either, but I've got nothing else to do and I find it helps to write things down.

Firstly, am still seeing this guy from the first date thing. Some things bother me, I'm pushing them to the side for now, I don't know how serious those "things" are to me yet. But whatever. Seeing each other again tomorrow, he's buying me dinner because I have no money lol. I've stayed round his house a couple of times now, met his housemate (she's a lesbian) - such a funny woman, she likes me and I like her, so that was good. This guy's stubble plays HAVOC with my skin though, I'm going to have to keep him shaved.

Came out to a friend at work, she was just like "oh cool I've always wanted a good gay friend". I couldn't really deny it any longer, as she overheard Kirsty talking to me on the phone and Kirst asked me who it was, and I said "only the greatest gay guy you know", and she repeated that back to me over the phone in front of people. So I was at work with Rachel and she said "Were you on the phone to Kirsty earlier?" and then I just knew she sussed it. She started like "oh just forget about it" and I was like, "No, go on, ask me" and she did and I said yes. Another one down, a few hundred to go!

Exams have started. Have had two (English/Geog) so far, both went absolutely terribly. I know I have failed English and am fairly certain I've failed Geog. I have never failed an English exam in my life, so that's kind of annoying.
Just came out of my Geog exam, so am drowning myself in two bottles of wine. Might try and get my haircut tomorrow, but then I will literally have about £10 left in my account, and I don't get paid until next Friday. And when I do get paid I have an overdraught to pay back, and loads of other people to pay back, and I took two sicks days (and I don't get sick pay) which means I'll get paid £80 less than I usually do on top of everything else. Argh!

I've had a cold for about 2-3 weeks now which is starting to piss me off. And have had back pain for ages too, so am trying to book a doctor's appointment.

So overall I feel a bit shit at the moment, but trying to keep my chin up.


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Hey - enjoy the exams. Sorry you've still got more to go

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"