Tell Me How to Get to the End

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Tell Me How to Get to the End

Suppose beyond this ocean of darkness,
A streak of light would blossom on this land;
A light that would glow to guide me in this blinding obscurity,
In the paths to discover the confounded mistakes I would amend.

It may seem a bit eccentric,
Tinted with a sense of danger and risk lurking in this dimness;
That I've decided to feel my way out of this hollow void,
Instead of engulfing myself in this everlasting dullness.

I could very well be wrong,
To try and fish for a key in this great sea;
But this is a key that would unlock my forgotten spirit,
Somewhere within the unrecalled me.

I would await anxiously with patience in this dark exploration;
To seek for the twilight at dawnbreak - which I would cherish without question.

- Uncertain