THAT girl :p *points*

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Okay school today, it went well! It was.... fun! Firstly my friend Rachel (tottal hottie, used to crush on her)well Rachel, at recess sat on green gum and it was sooo noticeable! so i had to hold her around the waste real close to me untill we got to the bathrooms where we picked most of the gum of her shirt but realised it was on her pnts n coz she couldnt see in the mirror i had to scratch it off for her lol. It looked so odd coz we were both in the one toilet and shes facing the wall and im scratchingat stuff on her but! Every girl who sore us looked at us weird n laughed... oh it was fuuuunnnny!

Now this one girl i like like love like Monica i decided ild ignore her today you know so she dosnt figure out i like her in that way even though we are friends. So i was walking to the phoography room arm in arms with Sarah and Tash, when i see monica glance at her from behind smileing inside and keep walking. She didnt see me looking at her, we walked opposite the photography room which is next to monicas clas (3D art) i stoped and turnd around becoz i erd the voice of an angel calling me. Monica! 'Hey! Lisa?!' so i went n talked to her, the whole time she was staring into my eyes and i had butterflys... we sont usually talk outside of alternative theropies. i was like WOW thinking ' u take my breath away girl.'

HMMMMMM!!!! it must be love love love!

p.s my friend tess is getting me a fake ID card! WOOOOO!!!!