"The Full Spectrum"

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Has anyone read the book "The Full Spectrum"? If you haven't, and are interested in LGBTQ literature, its definatly a must read. It consists of young authors from all aspects of the gay community sharing their true life experiences. I just recently bought this book, and it is so amazing, its very much a book depicting gay culture, and the uniqueness of the individuals in it.

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for sure...well one day

huh..no not yet...i like reading 2...well if its about reality im all for it

i rather be hated for what i am then to be loved for some thing im not

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I read it while I was spendin

I read it while I was spending a day at the bookstore last week, I agree, a MUST READ!

Sometimes it gets hard to see who you are when you're busy seeing what everyone else does

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Thanks for the tip! Hmm, it

Thanks for the tip! Hmm, it sounds like something I'd like... I'll try to check it out.

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i just bought the book last

i just bought the book last night. it was so cool. i love reading books like this, being able to read others experiences and just realizing the reality of being...GAY is unbelieveable.

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"

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Yes... <3

Yes, I have read it. I really enjoyed it, it coves, as the title suggests, the full spectrum. More than straight, gay, bi, F2M, M2F. It covers everyone, and beautifully.

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I just finished it and am

I just finished it and am dissapointed- by the way i've heard people talk about it i thought it was gunna be 20x better then it is but just shows that i should have hig expectations cuz then i get disappointed.
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