The Omen

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Since today is, 6/6/06 I'm going to see The Omen with my friend. I expect it to be packed. Thus why I asked my dad and bought tickets online. xD
I just hope I'm able to figure out how to get the prepaid tickets.
It's going to be a scary movie, or at least that's what I anticipate. I'll find out.


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I heard

I heard that The Omen (the remake) was really really bad. I wanted to see it. Lemme know what you think of it.

Artists use lies to tell the truth.

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tell me what you think "wh

tell me what you think

"who said you need a bottle as an excuse to make out???"

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I liked it.

I think it was a very well done movie, however, it wasn't all that scary. It had its moments. But I saw it in a crowded theatre and people screamed at the appropriate times making it scarier. Them moments later someone would burst out laughing, making everyone else.

Not everything was explained, I'm still a tad confused. I could go and ruin the movie for you and tell you everything but I think that would disappoint at least someone.

The main point is, Damien(little evil child) is Satan's son, and he has to be killed before he destorys the world! *plays horror movie music* okay well, that was over dramatized but still it was very well done.

~Thank you for the memories, a keepsake in my heart.