The party thing

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Doing the party thing this weekend event though I said I wouldn't...even though I had decided that I should stay home and study for finals and clean my room and the house before family came.... But no, Emilee just has to do the party thing all weekend so that when she gets home on Sunday she'll be totally exhausted and crash.

I still smell like sunscreen from yesterday's senior picnic even though I took a long ass shower. I must have gotten some on the sweatshirt I had Olson steal for me. Oh well. I didn't burn though thanks to the copious amounts of sunblock I used out in Benbow and my ability to withstand heat even when wearing jeans. I had planned to hang out in the shade but we ended up in the sunniest parts of the picnic area seemingly regardless of whatever we decided to do.

I found out that I have to get a stole for my graduation ensemble because the guy I'm borrowing mine from didn't give me his, and even if he had apparently the girls stoles have an extra piece to them. So that's going to be like $10 the morning of the ceremony at practice. I could get coffee and a magazine with that money.

So party thing I'll probably be taking off in under 20 minutes depending on whether or not A likes to speed, and the house is a total disaster. I should finish off the ice cream before I go.....