the trail of goosebumps down my spine tells me it's something special....

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we were practicing yesterday and it was dress rehearsal...pretty good too, but we still needed to work a few things out. lesley and i are supposed to fall in the second act, and she has to bump into me and pull me down because the character's blind. so...we practiced doing that for about fifteen was a bittersweet time. it was painful for both of us because well...we're falling on this hard stage. my spine accidentally came down on her hand one time..hard..i was so upset, i kissed her knuckles out of sympathy. ;) but the good part, at least for perverted ol' me, was the bumping practice, because she's running into me, and we're both faily slick with sweat given the humidity, and she's grabbing my shoulders and holding me close... was fun.

and hey! if you're in the southern piedmont area in virginia and want to see a really good play, come see Waiting for Godot!


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ooh! my parents just saw that when they went to Dublin!

Waiting for Godot, I mean, not you bumping your friend.

About your friend--It's not really that perverted, right? I mean, straight people think these sexualized thoughts all the time, too. They're just not talked about and towards an "appropriate" gender.

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