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today was a fun day...i sat with a friend that i didn't talk to much this year.. but it was still awseome... i son't really have much to say.. cuz nothing really happend today.. o ya.. we played a cool game in english calss... it was awesome.. and i got 2 pepermints out of it :P;.... i'm all exempted from all my subjects.. aww.. tomoro is my last day of gym class:( more school though after tomor.. sooooooooooo pumped.. and then saterday.. we have are first league game 4 soccer.. playing challeur.. i'm so pumped.!!!!!! but nothin interestin happend today.. only that i think there is a guy that likes me.. i talk to him alot.. but.. i don't no his name.. but he always looks down on me.. and it is really wiered... and i think he likes me.. :S... n i don't relaly want to tell him..that i only go for girls.. o well:P.. it should b a wild ride