Ugh, I hate splinters

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I was walking on the deck at my friend/sort-of crush's birthday party when I got, joy of all joys, A FRIGGIN' SPLINTER!! It dang HURT!! I had seen a nice-looking girl at the party, but I couldn't stare at her while my
mom was doing her best to pull a little bit of wood out of my foot!! ARGH!! I had to wait until I got home to get it out of my dang foot. It HURT!! I haven't had a splinter since second grade, and I'd forgotten how
painful it was. One things for sure, I'm definitely not going to miss them!

On a happier note, the girl I saw was really, really pretty. She had this neat-looking frizzy light red hair, and she was really nice to me. She smiled at me a lot, too. I love her smile. Great. I'm infatuated with a girl whose name I don't even know! It STINKS!! I have absolutely no dating options!! I've pretty much given up on my crush, since she's perfectly straight and she's never going to like me back. I hate being a lesbian

About my being a lesbian... My mom isn't really as comfortable with it as she wants me to believe. She asked me about it at the party, and she seemed to feel really uncomfortable asking me. I wish she could just hurry up and get used to it already. I feel awful thinking that, but it's true. And even if she's not used to it, I wish she'd be honest with me and TELL me that!! Whoever said that actions speak louder than words was
right, because she tells me, "I'm fine with it, honey" even when her body is all tense and she has a blank look on her face.

I'd like to visit this Gay and Lesbian Youth Center I read about on the Internet, but there are two problems with that:
A) My parents would NEVER let me go.
B) It's in a city three hours away.

It utterly STINKS!! I want to meet gay and lesbian teens in real life, but unfortunately, that is NOT going to happen anytime soon.

On a completely different topic, I keep multitasking between typing this journal entry and playing a game on, and I keep dying on my game. I keep hitting these spiky thingies. It utterly sucks.

Well, I'm going to go and lose all my lives on Neopets now. Bye-bye.


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Bye. Have fun! She'll get use

Bye. Have fun! She'll get used to it eventually. She'll have to. Until then don't worry about it. As much as is possible. Maybe there's a group closer to you? Good luck!

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Sorry about that

My mom doesn't like the fact that I'm bi either. She thinks it's all a stage that I'm going through and I'll see that my "ways" are "bad" soon enough. She's one of those Christian type that don't think b,g,l is right and that everyone should be straight..Your mom will come around sooner or later.

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