Ugh, my nerves are frazzled

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Watching my younger siblings and cleaning up our EXTREMELY messy playroom at the same time is not fun. Repeat after me: NOT FUN.

I've been taking a break for a little while, reading one of the gay nonfiction books I just got from the library and posting on OasisMag. I hate my younger siblings sometimes. They cause me so much trouble. It STINKS. My dad left to go to the bank sometime ago, and I know that if the playroom isn't clean by then then I'm going to be extra crispy toast. So, well, bye, I guess.


Ugh. I am so going to attempt to assassinate my dad, I swear, and remove him from his position of high office in my household.


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lol! I have 2 siblings and I kind of wish
that was my only problem and i'm sure
that's not your ONLY problem, but I still
wish it was mine.
You see, I'm the middle child and my
siblings cause me jealousy. I envy my older
sister because she's so dumb and fake to
everyone and that's why they love her...
I envy my younger one because she's sooo
damn spoiled and annoying and all other things
that can cause sibling rivalry.
I envy both at the same time because our
grandmother loves them and singles me out.
They are both on vacation with her atm.

"Life is what happens while you are busy
making other plans."
~John Lennon

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How ever some day you will look back on this
little incident and was I toast or
was I toast?
I too was the middle child and now that we are all
grown up and on our own we miss each other
and look forward to the times we do get to spend
with each other.
Family is special sometimes they are there
for you and others you are there for them.
Rock are always found in the road of life and
sounds like you hit a small one so far.
Enjoy the rugrats while you can.
You are Loved.