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Today I kicked this really annoying bully called Kevin in the shin. He kept tapping my ankle and trying to trip me over, I asked him to stop so many times but he got more annoying... so then when we got in class I booted him in the shin... I guess I was pissed --- he's been annoying everyone for months now... it's just starting to really get to me. No one really likes him, he just pretends to be friends with everyone. During like athletic days and all that, EVERYONE avoids kevin. Everyone just hates him soooo much. He should've realised by now.

Some random things also happened at school today... but really not worth mentioning. Some funny stuff that happened was also the highlight of the day... but it'll be too hard to explain... so yeah...

Well, this is one conversation I had with Alex (who knows I'm gay):
Max: This is so easy
Alex: Your mum was easy in bed
Me: So was your mum
Nelson: This work is fun though (popping sentence out of nowhere)
Alex: Well, your mum was fun too
Me: Your mum too, but I think your dad was better
Alex: Let's not go there Max...

I'll try to illustrate another conversation Robert, Daniel and I had.

Robert: Max, lend me some money
Me: No
Daniel: Don't give him any money Max
Robert: C'mon, I only need 40cents
*after long continous pleading*
Max: Fine, pay me back on Tuesday
Robert: Omg yes! Max, I love you.
Daniel: Urgh, that's just...
Robert: Don't worry Daniel, I'll leave a piece of Max for you.

^that cracked me up for a while....^

Thinking back on it there are also a few other "queer" conversations I had... this is another one:
Michael: So did you ask *insert girl's name can't remember* out Nelson?
Nelson: No... I don't like her
Michael: Yes you do don't lie
Me: OMG DOES NELSON LIKE A GIRL? [I wasn't trying to be gender specific here...]
Michael: Urgh.. (ironic voice) I KNOW, HE likes a GIRL! That's sooooo wierd!

Oh yeah this other one... well, there's this game called Gay Chicken... it's when two guys try to creep each other out and see who gives up first...:
Alex: Hey hey who wants to play gay chicken? *stares at me*
Everyone: *silence*
Alex: Oh yeah don't play with Max, he's gay he'll just kiss you.

It's kind of funny thinking back on it...

On the downside of today... I had maths tutoring just then... it's so frickin hard. Everyone in the class is all smarter than me, and I feel so stupid asking basic questions. Arghghgh it's all confusing.

It's Queen's birthday weekend... here's my plan for it.
Friday (2moro): Watch xmen 3 with Robert and Mike.
Saturday: Probably go ice skating...
Sunday: Do work for once!
Monday: Meeting up with Julie, Ellen, Sarah and Tyler and probably watching Poseidon.

So that's my schedule basically. Hmm, before I wrote that hate list yesterday... I was kind of ranting on about things I hate to Blakey (my beloved crush #2). He told me it'd help if I expressed it in a list so I did. Well today we were talking about it on MSN and this was what happened.

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I'm glad that you are happier

I'm glad that you are happier now. Those are some odd conversations that you have there. But I can beat that! Haha!

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That's a very nice journal en

That's a very nice journal entry! I wish I had more guy friends, sound like your weekend will be a blast! I have had some better queer jokings on though before too, or just funny convos like that. I have a kid like Kevin too at my school, except some people like him because he *is* athletic, and some of the girls think he's attractive or funny by being as dumb as a post. I like the name Max too! Way to go parents for that one.

-J, boy, gay and 16 all the way. Just not out to anyone yet. I guess my sig could use some work.

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well, at least you had a good day...lol.

That sounds like you had a fun filled day...Especially talking to your crush and hanging out w/ friends...I almost got a ticket today for parking in a no-park zone, even tho I didn't know, and then my day went downhill from there...Until i got my yearbook...lol. Have fun seeing x-men-I still have to see it. Later.

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Man, I love your random conversations. I don't know how you get into them all, but I still love them to bits. Glad you sound better
And you were supposed to kick Daniel in the shins, not kevin

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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I can never make myself do th

I can never make myself do that, although sometimes I really want... I just poke him instead... :P

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yes poling him is probably wiser. But poke him hard

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"