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I haven't been on in a considerable amount of time since being at home it is hard to have a moment without someone looking over your shoulder. But everyone is away right now, so I figured I'd take the time to make an entry.

I still haven't come out to anyone. Not even my best friend. This is because I'm the biggest procrastinator/wuss. To be fair, it's also because we usually hang out with a group of people, and I don't intend on coming out to a crowd for the first time. She's my closest friend, and the most accepting, so I figure she should be the first to know. Last night, she and a group of our friends and I were fooling around on aim, and we were trying to tell some stupid thing she'd done to another one of our friends, but she hit the delete, so we were trying to stop her. So I was holding her hands, and she was leaning against me... we were both wearing tank tops, and her skin was so soft. and for a while there, we were just standing, leaning together. "for a while" meaning like, 4 or 5 seconds together, but anyways. Just made me think that I really wish I couldn have that feeling more often, and without feeling guilty for it. More motive to come out sooner I suppose.

In other news... I have the coolest summer job ever. I am so excited.f tomorrow I leave for a residential summer camp for kids and young adults with special needs. It lasts for 9 weeks, including one week of trainging without the campers. Campers come in a week later and can stay for a full session or half session. Most of the staff there is international, so that'll be cool to meet people from all over. They have a swimming pool, a rock climbing wall, a sensory room (for campers with autism), and all sorts of stuff. And the camp location sounds reall good too. It's in the woods, with a creek, and lots of cabins and stuff for the campers. I'm already packed and set to go, and have been working on research and doing recomended reading on the different disabilites. there's things like autism and fragile x, and down syndrome, tramatic brain injuries, cerebral palsy, and oppositional defiance disorder. I'm not sure what group of campers I'll be working with, but regardless I think it's going to be awesome.

That's it for now, nothing else really going on. :)