update on camp

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my parents arent sending me to camp... my grandma told them that if they send me she will never talk to them again... blah blah she just thretened them basically... things are still pretty tence around my house right now... but im still here... my parents are letting me go into the city tonight to go clubing... big surprise beings just like 4 days ago i wasnt aloud to talk on the phone... everyone keeps telling me that things will get better... the kids in my youth group now know... and i am stil being very welcomed by them... and since they found out i have had 3 kids come out to me... and we have been talking about sexuality more open and honest... the kids really like it... (i work with ages 13-17)...

ps i basically told my country friends to go f*** themselves... so yeah...
and i got told that its a good thing i graduated b/c i wouldnt be voted head cheerleader anymore... (laugh laugh)


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Cool. I hope that things keep

Cool. I hope that things keep going so well.

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