what do you do when someone found out that you are a gay and started avoiding you?

confront him/her what's wrong with me being gay
33% (21 votes)
don't care about it and wait
24% (15 votes)
ask around your friends about the problem and solutions
14% (9 votes)
i'll just cry like a baby
3% (2 votes)
no idea
8% (5 votes)
never come about it before
8% (5 votes)
10% (6 votes)
Total votes: 63


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Depends. I usually just let i

Depends. I usually just let it go. If it was a really close friend I would probably try and talk to them, but that's never happened with a close friend. It's such a stupid reason to avoid someone, I mean I don't avoid people because they're straight, most of my friends are actually. Fighting about it just doesn't seem worth it.

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Urgh, depends who?

Urgh, depends who?

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dude i would toattly stand up

dude i would toattly stand up for my self and confront them

"its better to be hated for what u are than to be loved for some thing ur not ♥"

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if they avoid me on the basis that i'm gay then i avoid them on the basis that they are straight, it's just as ridiculous!

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I'd get a big wooden paddle a

I'd get a big wooden paddle and smack them in the head with it repeatedly...but, that's just me.

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Well if it was a really clos

Well if it was a really close friend that i am close to I would try to confront them about it.

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i voted other because:

This just happened to me last week. She was my best friend, too. I cried for two days straight, then I got blazing mad at her - she denied it - and then I just got over it. We're not speaking anymore.

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thats really simular to what happened to me. almost identical.

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i would prolly come up to the

i would prolly come up to them privatly and ask what the hell is your problem.. avoiding me cuz i'm gay..... n then i'll walk away

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I talked to her. She was my b

I talked to her. She was my best friend for 10 years. She denied anything was different. It didn't work. She's still working her way away from me.

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see i used to be in anger man

see i used to be in anger management but you know things like this really dont piss me off so i take it the psychotherapist role for example...

Friend: ur a weirdo ur gay so im gonna avoid u
Me.(quietly)go fuck ur self

there ya have it kids


no but seriously i would confront them in a nice kinda way like whats your problem im not into people like you. or somthing like that idk. thats all im gonna say so imma shut up know.

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It depends, but usually if someone is going to let orientation get in the way of our friendship then fuck them, I don't want to be their friend.

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