what do you do when someone that is your friend is talking bad about gay people

tell your friend to shut up
25% (19 votes)
just listen and say nothing
8% (6 votes)
stand up for the gay person there making fun of
49% (37 votes)
kick your friend and run away
1% (1 vote)
don't no .. it matters what they are saying
9% (7 votes)
8% (6 votes)
Total votes: 76


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If they're talking badly abou

If they're talking badly about gay people around me they tend to not be my friends. I'm out to my friends and they have enough respect to not badmouth homosexuals around me. If they continued to do that I would get new friends.

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tis a tough one for me becaus

tis a tough one for me because one of my friends especially has kind of been able to get over me being gay by joking around with me about it, so he calls me shitdick, fudgepacker, poofter, penis lips, e.t.c e.t.c but i don't really get offended, whereas if it were anyone else i'd probably get up em, so i guess it just depends in what context they're badmouthing homosexuals and who the particular friend is.

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Most of my friends don't know

Most of my friends don't know I'm gay, so when one of them says "That's so gay" or something, I'm usually like, "Don't use gay as an insult, it's really rude." If my friend who knows I'm gay says something like that (from force of habit, I guess), she usually give me her "oops" face, and I glare and her and then we laugh. She knows better and I know she knows better.

Complete strangers, I tell them shut up. They usually don't hear me. But then... I have a lot of enemies.

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well, honestly....

I usually do nothing. I too am guilty of using anti-gay slurs all the time. I also don't get easily offended by them, as many people on this site do. Usually when someone is badmouthing gays, I just let it slide. I honestly am not offended by them. Also, if anyone around makes a gay slur, then the resident gay guy in our school, if he hears them, will usually smack the person on the head and chew them out...Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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my friends are cool enough th

my friends are cool enough that they don't have prejudices against gay people, and if they did, they're smart enough not to tell me.

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well....considering a lot of my friends are gay...as one of my friends told another, i need more straight friends... but they arent nearly as much fun... i love elipses...

she's the mistake i would always gladly continue making

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I tend to be a smart ass to t

I tend to be a smart ass to them when they say things like that (though I am guilty of it too, but I am trying to quit *twitch*). EX: if they say something like "this movie is so gay" I go with something like "Realy, the movie is atracted to other movies of the same gender" stupid and corny I know.. but at least it makes people think about what they are saying.

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I normally laugh at them. Anti-gay insults are normally quite pathetic - laughable in fact. Obviously ones of extreme severity should be taken seriously, but the lighter ones - well, you've got to laugh at the patheticness of the homophobes and they soon shut up

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When they came for the Black man to be slaves...
I said and did nothing. I turned away...

When they came for the Jew to kill...
I said and did nothing. I turned away...

When they came for the gays...
I said and did nothing. I turned away...

They are comming for me....
Why do you say and do nothing...Dont turn away...

Speak up, act up. LIVE!


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oh, common

That's such a rip-off from the Dutch poet during the 2nd word war..



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I don't think I have any homophobic/badmouthing friends. Gayness is a topic of infrequent conversation with the people I hang out with. Mostly it just is.

If I'm in a conversation where someone does end up making a prejudiced remark, however, I do speak up. Oftentimes I hear "that's so gay" at school and I don't say anything, mostly because I don't want to intrude on someone else's conversation, however rude.

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Good question.

I usually wait 'till they are finished and then make them look like a fool in front of anyone around us. Making fun of a glbtq is not acceptable to me, even if we are close.

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I'd love to be really great a

I'd love to be really great and say I'd stand up, but the truth is that my first reaction would probably be "Shut the hell up." Followed by a somewhat more rational elaboration. It also does matter what they're saying – if it's just 'Gays are stupid', I'd probably be less bothered than if it's 'So-and-so's a goddamn ###', at which point I'd be fit to be tied. Odd, but true.

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