What is your level of participation in gay rights activism? (choose "highest" level of participation)

15% (13 votes)
have chided people for saying "that's so gay"-esque remarks
21% (19 votes)
come out
15% (13 votes)
letter to the editor/marching in a parade
8% (7 votes)
active involvement in an organization
19% (17 votes)
don't care/jaded
3% (3 votes)
hope to participate more in the future
19% (17 votes)
Total votes: 89


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Exactly what is higher, march

Exactly what is higher, marching in a parade/letter to the editor or being active in an orginization? Because I wrote an article for a paper and I'm also active in my school's GSA.... Was immer, I put organization.

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i tackle activism individuall

i tackle activism individually and passively, through the people i know and the painting i make

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how about if you've done more

how about if you've done more than one?

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well uh, I mached in the para

well uh, I mached in the parade... came out... have made "thats so gay" into a good thing (with other peoples help) was active in organizations, and I hope to participate more in the future....

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I've only come out to like 6

I've only come out to like 6 people, but whenever my sister says "our computer is so gay!" or something like that then I just go, "Yep. In fact, I saw our computer having sex with another computer of the same gender just last week." I find it works pretty well, since it gets the point across while making it kind of funny (in a way). Although now she usually realizes it after she says it and just is like, "sorry."

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i'm starting a GSA!!

I myself am trying to start a GSA at my school next school year. I have no idea whether it'll be successful or not, but I think it's worth a shot. (hey, that rhymed)

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Okay... well I'm out, to most people. I tell biggots to shut their mouth when they say thigns about others. It might be lame, but I wear rainbows like all the time. I have a rainbow belt,BBM t-shirt, rainbow keychain.
I might also go to a pride event with Loren. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I am active in participating in gay rights as much as I can.
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