when someone says, "What's up?" how do you respond?

oh, nothing, how about you?
67% (37 votes)
the ceiling
16% (9 votes)
gas prices
5% (3 votes)
4% (2 votes)
your face
7% (4 votes)
Total votes: 55


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A two letter word indicating

A two letter word indicating direction.

Pork will be poultry when pigs fly...

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it depends, sometimes somethi

it depends, sometimes something is up, sometimes i want to be a smartass, sometimes i ignore the question entirely and sometimes i take a tork and jam it in the person's eye.........it depends on how i feel and who asked me

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i really dont respond like "oh,nothing,how about u"
i just say nothing,why?

~~mandy musgrave~~
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the ceiling

i love being stupid with my friends, so whenever they ask i always say the ceiling. they've stopped asking me what's up now. ^_^

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What's up? Your mom.

What's up?

Your mom.


Sometimes it gets hard to see who you are when you're busy seeing what everyone else does

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gotta love these polls.... i

gotta love these polls.... i swear lol

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stabs you in the eye with a f

stabs you in the eye with a fork!

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I look at my crotch then frown and say :nutten:
You are loved.

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I respond with the time. At l

I respond with the time. At least, that's what I did last night and my group of friends proceeded to do that to any of our classmates that said hi to us or asked how we were at the party...or even just to each other mid conversation, for the next...seven and a half hours.

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Welll the face comments normally start later in the conversation. And I normally do the sky, not the ceiling. After all, what if you're outside

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If the guy is hot I normally point down.

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"Get a dictionary and find ou

"Get a dictionary and find out"