Which is more difficult?

Coming out as part of a couple
7% (3 votes)
Coming out as an unattached individual
35% (15 votes)
30% (13 votes)
Other--please elaborate in the form of a comment
2% (1 vote)
Writing while holding a pen in one's mouth
26% (11 votes)
Total votes: 43


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Well in some aspects of thing

Well in some aspects of things it is harder either way. If you come out as a couple you are in a way outing your gf/bf. Coming out while single is hard also maybe because they would not believe that you are gay so it is a fight to prove. I am coming out and single and some have thought that I do not like girls. Since I haven't dated because I guess they need the proof first.

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I think coming out as single

I think coming out as single is harder since if you have a gf or bf already then people are going to take you more seriously.

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That comment is so true. One

That comment is so true. One of my friends went "You don't have a boyfriend so you're not gay" after I came out to him. -_-;;

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Can't say...

Each has it's own struggles, and the exact degree of difficulty is determined by the partculars of a person's situation. It's just hard to call. But writing with a pen in your mouth...

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It's harder when you're alone

I say it's harder to come out when you're not part of a couple, because when you're with someone you can support each other, even if few people know about your sexuality, but when you're by yourself, if you haven't told anybody about it before the experience can be a lot scarier.

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It depends on who you're comi

It depends on who you're coming out to. Personally, I think it would be harder to come out while dating someone, especially to your parents. I mean to find out your child is gay is a big thing, but then at the same time to be facing the fact they're in a gay relationship can make it even harder for them.