which kind of device you want for free? choose the one that you like most.

20% (15 votes)
newest model(any) of a mobile phone
16% (12 votes)
3% (2 votes)
newest model of a camera
9% (7 votes)
newest model of a video camera
8% (6 votes)
a music instrument
20% (15 votes)
3% (2 votes)
none cuz i'm not greedy?
5% (4 votes)
15% (11 votes)
Total votes: 74


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all I would like is a cable t

all I would like is a cable that connects my cell to my computer so I can unload all those pics -_-' but for the most part I don't want anything.

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I want an Ipod...

Because I still don't have one...any mp3 player would be great though.

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Hmmmm....everything would be nice

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Could I have that red bass gu

Could I have that red bass guitar I've been salivating over for the last four months? Thanks.

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ummm, does a soundproof recording studio count? that's what i want. seriously. god that would be awesome. making my own demo's instead of sending it to my friend's uncle?

of course, if i cant get that, i'd take a baby grand. those things are gorgeous. all i've got is an old upright. nice and all, but i'm like, in love with baby grands...

can i have both?

she's the mistake i would always gladly continue making

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Woe is I...

I voted PDA, but now I want a camera! Gah!!! Oh well. You win some ya lose some...

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I don't believe in getting things for free

You have to work for things to get them. I don't want anything that I can't pay/work for. This is why I don't like birthday presents. Though I can't say I'm not selfless all the time. I do like getting thigns occasionally.

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I just want a new COMPUTER. T

I just want a new COMPUTER. This one sucks and is outdated, and I don't care if it's free or not - as long as it works.
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I don't accept free things.

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PDA, public display of affect

PDA, public display of affection, i'll have two!

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College or wide ruled?

I remember when a notebook was like this thing you wrote in with a pencil. It was white, and had blue lines on it. There were pink lines indicating border margins (I still wrote past them sometimes). I wonder whatever happened to those things.

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Oh...you mean notebook was supposed to refer to the computer? Crap. Ah well, either would be nice. The paper ones are good for drawing in...

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