who else here is in love with their best friend?

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the way i have my hair up today leaves strands loose, reminding me of something i havent thought of before, becoming tendrils of thought that extend from my brain, so much like the delicate legs of a spider or insect, only barely brushing the side of my face, touching my cheek, resting so gently, softly.
almost equivalent to the dream i had last night in the gentle way it positions itself.
where her kiss was so unintentional, but intentional, like she knew and didnt know exactly what it would mean to me. where it was so slight and so almost purposeful that her lips only brushed mine, and only for so short a time that i couldnt tell if she meant something by it.
her smile betrayed her mysteries.
and everything so delicate.
so barely something that it was everything.
and then she kissed me again.
intentional and sure.
and i woke up and spent my day in ugliness.
and i woke up and remembered the wrong things.
and it left a sour taste in my mouth, like i was congested, like my head was too something to be right.


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this is so beautiful and perf

this is so beautiful and perfect. it isn't too fake like a lot of poems are (this is a poem right?). the descriptions are amazing and the ending brings it back to reality.

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sooooo in love with my best f

sooooo in love with my best friend. i have a dream like that, but i must say you wrote about it much better than i ever could've. oh she drives me crazy.

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Uh, well... I've had a crush

Uh, well... I've had a crush on a friend of mine before. It sux. Once, there was a guy I liked, and he was str8. Yea. We talk still and nothing seems to have changed, but I think that I was lucky. I mean, he knew I was gay, but he seemed a bit uncomfortable around me after... But things worked out in the end. We talked at the end of the day and he was cool.

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IT's been always difficult to

IT's been always difficult to like and have a crush on your bestfriend. I had a crush on my bestfriend, and it was so hard to keep it bottled up, because you give meanings to the things you shoudln't give meanings to. Also, I was thinking of what should I do: to tell her I like her, or to remain the feeling bottled up. coz I thought telling it would ruin our friendship. In the end, I did, and our friendship isnt even ruined. I think you ought to take risks; you never know what can happen

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