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Yesterday when I went to the library, I looked up some books I had seen referenced on the Internet that were pro-gay and looked interesting. And lo and behold, I found some GAY NON-FICTION, BABY!! This is so awesome!! I finally found books about people like me! I was so afraid about what the guy at the counter would say when I checked out the books, but since I had picked out seven books total (only two of them pro-gay) he didn't really look at them and just checked them out as fast as he could. I was so relieved!

I've been reading up a storm now. One of the books I got was actually by a gay man, and it's called, "Is It a Choice? Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about gays and lesbians. I loved the answer to the question, "Can homosexuality be 'cured'?" The author, Eric Marcus, answered, "Homosexuality is not a disease, therefore it cannot be cured." It's so neat! The second book is about gays and lesbians who made a difference in the still-going fight for equal rights. I'm reading one of the stories in there about a lesbian couple in the fifties, and I just feel so lucky that I didn't live during that time. The women in the story didn't even know that they were lesbians, they just knew that they were different from everybody else. They barely even had any words for gay people, for crying out loud! I'm so glad I wasn't alive in the fifties. That must have been an awful time for gays and lesbians.

It's great! I can actually read about people like me, instead of a guy who saves the day and gets the girl or a kick-butt woman who, no matter what the odds, beats her opponents and gets the guy. I'm sick of reading about straight people. But here, I can read true stories about gays and lesbians! I also saw that some fiction books about gay teens were listed on the computer, but they were in a different library. I'll have to visit there when I have the chance.

To sum this entry up, I'd have to sing James Brown's song, "I Feel Good". But since I can't sing on the Internet, you lucky ducks will be spared of hearing me screaming "WOW!! I FEEL GOOD!!" over and over again.

WOW!! I feel good/I knew that I would/So good/So good/I got you...


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That's fantastic! On paper I

That's fantastic! On paper I can tell you that from what you described I wouldn't have been worried at all about the guy checking out the books. A lot of people take out stereotypical 'weird' books at libraries, and if a person who you might never see again thinks you could be confused about your sexuality - so what? But that's just a random splur there for you. I know that it is really worrisome to not only look for gay books but consider buying/checking them out. There are some great book suggestions in the Book forum here too! The Rainbow Boys series was one I saw at an Indigo (big chain of Canadian bookstores) and I felt so afraid to be looking at it almost, like what would someone do/think if they saw me reading it in there? Then I thought about buying it, and I wanted to and could afford it, but I wouldn't want my parents to ever see it and anything in the house is in jeaopordy as all teens should be aware. And then I'd have read it out very quickly and been done and known the whole storyline by heart and be stuck with a book I'd be afraid to have around and one I wouldn't read so much again. That always annoys me about buying books, even though I buy a LOT, I get very frustrated at reading (them) so quickly and then having spent cash on them when I might as well do what some people do and read them in the store over time or waited for a softcover version or not bought it at all, or waited to see if a library got it! Oh wells, gratz on finding the books! :)

-J, boy, gay and 16 all the way. Just not out to anyone yet. I guess my sig could use some work.