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The US Senate defeated the Federal Marraige "Protection" Amendment today, and not only did no senators who had previously voted against the ban give in, we gained two senators to our cause. Bush made a gamble for political capital and didn't win anything. Yay! The US might have some hope yet.

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What I particularly love abou

What I particularly love about Bush's campaign for the amendment is that he wanted to give his speach on the fifth in the White House Rose Garden and my GSA meets in our school's rose garden for important events, the day after National Day of Silence, Transgender Awareness Day, National Coming Out Day, etc, and that they wouldn't let him. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. My english teacher/GSA advisor found it amusing as well and proceeded to show me an article about the amendment that he found amusing in the middle of class. Apparently my school also offers domestic partnership benefits to staff members which is totally rockin.

But, Alabama just passed an amendment to their state constitution banning gay marriage so that's kind of a kick in the head.

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I'm happy for you and everyone and all
that, but I must say nothing right now can
make me like Bush.

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Well, I'm glad it got defeated...

So did Tim Eyeman's petition up here in WA state to abolish the gay rights legislation that was passed last year...I read something in the Seattle Times yesterday that quoted two whitehouse presidential aides, who said that Bush doesn't give a damn about the FMA, it's just a political stunt to correct his falling approval rating and help out republican candidates during an election year...He really doesn't care either way about gay rights or gay marriage...What the hell, he is a total hypocrite...He says things in front of the nation, lies, and then says the truth to colleagues behind our backs...My mom and I were talking earlier about Clinton getting impeached after 1 major lie: doing monica. Bush has lied quite a few times, especially in the wake of this whole CIA/ NSA spying thing...Yet you don't hear anyone calling for an impeachment...What is wrong w/ this picture? Clinton lies about a basic human thing-sexual desire, and yet Bush lies about spy programs, terrorism, torture and abuse by troops in Iraq, WMD's that were never found, etc. , etc. The list could go on for pages...It really makes me lose all faith in the democratic system.

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victory dance

does an insane crazy victory dance bc god you got to love it when people slap Bush in the face the way you would like to

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I read that in the paper this morning and I wanted to do a happy dance on the kitchen table!!!...but that would cause suspicion, so I just did an inner jig.