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I should be doing my assignment right now, but who cares, I'll just do an all niter tonite hehe. In my past 2 journal entries I've been having a sook because my friend hadn't spoke to me about the coming out letter I sent her 3 weeks ago. I was stressing out because I thought maybe she hated me, and then today I was all like 'i don't care if she hates me, it's who I am and if she doesn't want anything to do with me just coz i'm queer, she's definetely not worth it'. Yes I'm quite proud of my thinking pattern today, but that doesn't matter anymore because she just emailed me back a few minutes ago!

She told me not to be mad that she hadn't replied yet, since I took ages to send her her stuf (which is true, laziness and nervousness). Talk about leaving me hanging though, geez, she probably didn't think about what it would be like bein in my shoes haha. But she didn't mention anything in the email about what I wrote, I presume she has covered that in the letter. I am so relieved after reading that email, its just a great feeling, I felt weird happy and almost shed a happy a tear which I've never done before. Well anyway, I'm kinda nervous and excited about the letter that she sent me.. like I know it's not going to be bad, but I don't want a dissapointing 'that's cool'. Yes I like it to be all a bit dramatic. I want her to introduce me to her gay friends ;)

I'm also trying to imagine what she's thinking, maybe she knew all along. I know what it's like to find out someone isn't exactly who you thought they were, after knowing them for such a long time.. (see journal entry about the gay 21st)

Ok well I'll post again when I recieve the agonising-long-awaited letter!


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It's good to hear that she do

It's good to hear that she doesn't hate you! She probably just doesn't really know what to say so she's laying it off to try to figure out how to reply.