A Joke .really funny

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A man walks in to a bar and says, "Bartender, Give me 10 Tequilas!"
The bartender says, "Whoa, buddy! You have a bad day or something?
"I just went home," replies the man "and found out my son is gay.
"That's tough," replied the bartender. "Here's your Tequilas."

The Next Day, same man, same bar.
"Bartender! 20 Tequilas!"
"Jesus, what now?"
"I just went home and found out my brother is gay!"
"That's tough, here's 20 Tequilas, on the house.

The Next Day, same man, same bar.
"Bartender, 30 Tequilas!!!!"
"Dammit, doesn't anybody in your family like pussy??"
"Well, apparently my wife does!!" replied the man.


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That's great. Tacky, but great.

Andre The Human Dictionary Strikes Again!!!!!!!!

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