a lopsided love triangle

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Here's a variation on the typical love triangle. My best friend, who I also happen to be head over heels for, is straight (although she seems to be a lesbian magnet). A girl I know from orchestra (who I had been thinking was a lesbian) starts to flirt with my friend and ask her out. I am incapable of flirting, so I cannot indicate to said orchestra gal that I like her, and I don't know if she likes me (or even if she knows that I'm a lesbian). My friend nicely lets on that she isn't into girls, but would like to be orchestra gal's friend. I also exchange e-mails with orchestra gal. Now my friend and I are going to orchestra gal's b-day party, and I don't know what is going to happen. Did I mention that the theme of the b-day party is "The 7 Deadly Sins." My friend is incapable of not flirting, I swear she could flirt in her sleep. Flirtation is her natural state, regardless of whether she is around a guy or a gal. This leads to many a broken heart (including my own). I, on the other hand, am not a natural flirt, and none of my friend's gift (or curse) has rubbed off on me. So, odds are nothing will happen. But who knows?