A Really Good ? ..A Caring Friend!.....And A New Idea!!??

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ok last nite my friend asked me why i like girls and i couldnt give her an answer cuz really i dont know i havent been wit one yet. but she didnt try to turn it into a like if you dont know then how do u know ur bi. no she sed its jus a thing istn it like with me and gum i need to always have gum and when i dont im mad or sad or crazy. and i sed yes (gosh i luv that girl she is so understanding) well then later she say i dont think ur bi i think ur jus gay and im like wat and im jus sittin here lolin so now she doesnt consider me bi jus gay....i kinda been thinkin so too cuz like a super hot guy will come in and i jus be like ok and fell no attraction to them but a super hot girl comes in and i jus want to talk to them and stuff and be aroud them im attracted to them so that why i think i mite be jus gay!!