Adoption... : )

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Ok, I was adopted and im proud as hell about it. BUT, im sick of people saying. "Oh but where are your REAL parents." Hello! I live with them! The defination of parent is basically "the person who cares for another." Nothing less nothing more. I LIVE with my real parents. Also, there was a girl in school who said to me "i dont want to adopt because my kids will get angry at me and say "your not my real mother, I dont have to listen to you!" I never said that. Sure, kids might do that If you adopt them after they have grown a bit. BUt if you adopt from birth,-6 months, thats usually when the child will be given to the parents, the kid wont do that. Jeez people these days. I just want to say, Im GLAD that i was adopted. My birth mother wrote a note to my parents saying that she loved me and that she gave me away because she loved me and she wanted me to have a better life, she was too young and the father wouldnt be around. See. I love her for doing this. I might get ahold of her just to tell her that im ok, in fact my mom kinda wants me to do this. So, I guess thats all i wanted to say, just, adopt people! And if you have any stories to share, share them here! I love my REAL mom and dad, and I also care for my "birth parent" So, if you ever want to give a kid a better life, adopt. :)

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thats really sweet! :0 my two

thats really sweet! :0 my two little cousins are adopted, there the cutest girls, everyone in our family loves them like they were blodd. Really genes dont mean a thing all that matters is the amount of love sorrunding the child.

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Thanks! Yea, I love being ad

Thanks! Yea, I love being adopted and I just dont like hearing bad stuff about it. It was bugging me that day. I kinda just wanted to say my point and see what everybody else had to say about it ya know? :)

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yeah i do no wat u mean!

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I agree

I agree with you, and when i'm ready to support kids I will certainly adopt!

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i couldnt agree more. the pe

i couldnt agree more.
the people that i live with, and that gave birth to me, arent the greatest parents.
its not about who shares the same genes with you, etc, its about whos there for you, who you love and they love you.
in this respect im very lucky, as i have about four parents.
and i cant see why anyone wouldnt want to adopt, for that matter

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Yeah, sometimes your birth pa

Yeah, sometimes your birth parents aren't exactly the greatest. I plan to adopt if I ever want kids, since childbirth doesn't exactly sound fun.

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