advice perhaps?

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No one in my family accepts me. It's the hardest thing ever. I was dateing
this girl for 8 months and we had to sneek around to see each other and
it really didn't help that she was 18. The sneeking around got the best of
us and one day we just ran away with each other (I know stupid move no
need to tell me I already know) She stayed up there and she curently lives their
(8 hours away) We tried the long distance thing for about 2 months... it
was extreamly difficult since I was grounded from the computer and the phone
and my cell phone. We grew apart she ended up cheating on me and we broke up..
I just hurt really bad We went through hell in back together over and over again.
I've never loved someone this much in my entire life... I cant even discribe
my feelings for her. We barely talk now mainly because her new gf hates my guts
I don't know why though I never did anything wrong. So I stay away and she
talks to me whenever she wants to. I'm aloud to use the phone and computer now
so I talk to her every once in a while... It's just I cant be happy with anyone
I'm not into guys that much I mean I think I am at 1st but when I get into
an acaul relationship I don't.... and sneeking around my family is so hard
and I hate to lie. But if they found out I was with another girl I don't know
what would happen to me. I really don't know what to do.

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I know what you've been through....I've been going out with my g.f for 17 months.... heh Well today is our 17th months ^_^. We live in the same states and it still feels like she's far because well we can't see eachother like we use to. At first we had problems with my parents....then my g.f's (just last last week tuesday)parents found out about us. I can't see her anymore nor talk to her. But we still keep in contact. I'm turning 18 on late December and she just turned 15 on April. We were going to run away but I'm afraid because my parents will search for me and the police will get involved and once I turn 18 what if they (g.f's parents) look for us and sue me?
My g.f cheated on me before but I know now she won't because we've been through soo much...Gosh we've gotten into trouble so many times and we're still together. I'd cry if I wasn't with her
Well yea I know what love is because I'm in love, heh my g.f's my first love.

Well hang in there okay...If you ever need someone to talk to just send me a message. Enjoy your summer!

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They except you

Just dont understand you...Try calling the local
PFLAG group and see if they can help break the spell
your caught up in. These are parents of gay and lesbian
people and should know how to help you with getting
your parents to understand you and your feelings.
Good luck
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