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This wednsday my mom and I are driving up to New York for my college orientation. I'm worried that she'll ask me something about my sexuality. I'm not straight, but I don't know whether or not I'm a lesbian or bisexual. I don't know what to say if she asks me. What do you all think I should do?

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Amazing!!No seriously this is

Amazing!!No seriously this is shocking!! The thing is that while on a trip to New York, my uncle asked the same question. I just told him upfront that I was gay and he was okay with it. So I just suggest u tell her everything,explaining that u are trying to understand ur self at the moment. Remember, be open and understandig and be ready to answer alot of questions! No matter what happens, I wish u the best!!!

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i think you should wait until

i think you should wait until you know for sure whether you are a lesbian or a bisexual, if you don't know she wont take you seriously, i just think it could end up ugly if you're not confident about it.
take care

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be honest

If she asks, say what you just told us. Before I came out to my parents, someone told me to make sure I was sure before I told them. Instead, I just tried to act certain, which just created more confusion later on. (My parents were accepting.) Good luck!

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She already knows that I'm no

She already knows that I'm not sure what I am, but she still asks me.

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Sounds like 'I'm not straight' is still pretty big news to tell her. If you aren't sure, don't say bi just to make it easier or anything, because then she will be rooting for the opposite-sex side of bi whereas you might exclusively want same-sex action for a while.

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Asking questions like that wh

Asking questions like that when we can't escape--that's like some kind of sick universal parenting tactic.

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Be honest

Tell her just like you said it to us..
Your not str* but you dont know if your bi or lesbian
What she says next will be a lot of questions...
answere them as best you can honestly..
How does she feel about gay people in general?
Is she excepting? Does she feel that they are an
abomination? What? This also could affect how you answer
her questions...If she is already neg then expect
only neg to you...If she is pos...she will be hurt
as her "Little girl" is lesbian or bi and what are
the chances of having grand babys?
Go from there..and good luck.
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