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Angels crying we are on this white ground
We don’t know what’s our purpose down here
We’re all lost but I know we’ll be found now
There’s no need to give in in our fear

All our bones have been crashed like a tombstone
All our voices escaped from this hell
It’s all right cause their charon’s alone
And I’m waiting to see why we fell

It’s the step we’ve been waiting to take
It’s the tear we’ve been waiting to cry
Wash our wings in this beautiful lake
Say the truth till the moment we die

All the wounds that were bleeding are healed now
And the people are ready to learn
We can teach them the way they shall fly
And explain to them why we’ve been sent

We’re the witches they burnt on their crosses
We’re the black slaves they shot on the head
We’re the lovers with wrong destinations
We’re the victims they should not forget

All in one we the angels are rising
And we’re singing this tune in your minds
“Everyone in this world is worth living


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Love this! Great work!

Love this! Great work!

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Wow. Very very nice. Keep wri

Wow. Very very nice. Keep writing!

Indifference is the strongest force in the universe. It makes everything it touches meaningless. Love and hate don't stand a chance against it.

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nice job

love it, one of the best i think i read so far :D .. keep it up !!!

feel the life that moves with, without, and arround your soul.