another depressing day in paradise..

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well me and my bf of 8 months broke up and now have been single for over a month.. really sux.. i think im doing ok though.. life never ceases to amaze me.. so here i am trying to patch my life up once more.. found out that i might have to get 2 of my teeth removed and my seizures are getting worse.. life goes on..

ill talk more later,
sorry i have been less active for quite awhile..



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Well get out of the house and find a new bf...
hope the seizures get less often and stop totally

I know how you feel there...My kid has them too.
every 5-7 hrs every day...
cant stop them so far...oh well
life goes on.
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Well having fun then? I'm sorry for the shitty time

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Sorry that life has been so s

Sorry that life has been so shitty,but things will be o.k. soon enough. U just need 2 get thru this crappy period. Hope everything turn's out okay 4 u.

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