as the goddess of celebrity crushes....

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i've developed an enormous crush on meryl streep...and i don't know why....

she used to annoy me like no other, but i went to see "The Devil Wears Prada" a couple days ago, and...something hit me. i dunno what it was, but it just hit me. i mean, i'd always known she was a fantastic actress, one of the best, but she'd always rubbed the wrong way as a person. but after i saw the movie, i started to look some stuff up...

it's so attention span...

it flits from one thing to the next like a butterfly....

i think it's slightly because she reminds me of my mother, a very strong and independent woman, but it's something else as well, i just wish i knew what it was. i mean, she really was and still is very much so a gorgeous woman, she has a unique beauty all her own. her voice, speaking and singing is just incredible, and if you haven't heard her sing, it's stunning.

you don't have to read this, you don't have to comment it, i just needed to get it off my chest is all. feel free to laugh and mock as you please.


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i think that is super cute an

i think that is super cute and i agree she is very preetty

Don't feel the need to define me...I can define myslef

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why are you getting all defen

why are you getting all defensive about ppl teasing you, the purpose of this place is to say what you think, so do it and don't apologise for it!

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that's understandable

She's a brilliant, brilliant woman. People like her fascinate me as well.

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I like Meryl Streep too, I th

I like Meryl Streep too, I think there is something that about her that appeals to gay men. But you are a female so it is a different story, oddly I remember reading a post of yours once, and I thought of a Meryl Streep connection to it, I am dead serious lol.