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You look at me, and turn away.
This is not like you every other day.

Your face has turned the other way,
why do you have to act this way?

We used to always hang out together
now we havn't hanged out in forever

I didn't talk to you in 3 weeks.
I know i've been busy, but please wait!

I don't know what I did for this avoidence
so please o please listen closely:

we used to talk all the time
I don't even know you now, how could you become o so blind?

Why should this change everything arround,
I just told you so i could be out!

I though you would understand,
the way I felt:

locked in a cage with no way out,
left to bleed and to shout!

That isn't me, you already know that.

This avoidence you keep putting on me
is really PATHETIC.

I'm still the same person
don't you get it?

I still want to talk and hang
on the swing-set in the park.

Or long walk's on the road
till 12 o clock.

I'll still love you the way before,
if you exept me for what i stand for.

I'll still love you like I did:
friends forever, and intil the end.


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I like it. There's a strong m

I like it. There's a strong message and you stayed on topic. Congrats. I hope that they realise what they've been doing.

Indifference is the strongest force in the universe. It makes everything it touches meaningless. Love and hate don't stand a chance against it.