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If there is 1 thing I hate about meeting no or in person, it's when the question of partners comes up. I hate when people go "So do you have a Boyfriend??" It makes me kinda go ahh what has our world sucummed to?. But I guessyou can't expect people to be tolaterent to others all the time. I get so sick of trying to subtly tell people that I don't like boys. I know i could tottaly jsut say no, no boyfriend. But i feel like i am lieing top people adn hiding who I really am when i can't just tell them the truth. Is it wrong for me to gget upset that people can't be unisex? Or am i jsut over sensitive?


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Well whenever people ask me i

Well whenever people ask me if i have a girlfriend,I respond "no" followed by, "im bisexual and right now i'm dating a guy." If they cant handle it fuck em. they arent worth being my friend. Or i might flat out say "no, i have a boyfriend" it depends on my mood