Captain failure

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I don't know what I am in your eyes
a dark angst surprise
waiting for failure
to be my captain
in distress
don't need to be someone's mistress

I'm lost in lust
knowing where we're going, it's a must
communication lines are down
leaving me with only a frown
frazzled in the moment
oh my pathway here

twisting and turning
my mind is churning
there were no lies
only a love filled heart
being torn apart
without knowing you

compilled here;
are all the things I despise
love and hopelessness
need a bucket of mercy to clean this mess
now leave me the rest
while your imprint is still in my chest

-special shout out to Porfirio for making me finish it


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I like this...hehehe porfy to

I like this...hehehe porfy told me that you were wroking on some poems