Center of attention, or center of a circus ring?

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So, my love life is very straight forward. I don't have any crushes (any I'd own up to) but it seems that I am the center of attention. Two girls fancy me, though I am not interested, I was asked out by one of them. DDon't ask someone out in an email, it is so lame. That is how she asked me out. One of the reasons I turned her down, the other was.. because of her personality.
Moving on, I don't exactly know how a relationship is suppose to be after a crush is over. So I'm figuring that out. And I'm totally wasting time while I expect my power to blow out any minute now.
My life is getting even more crazy, my parents divorce is reaching a closing. My mom kicked her boyfriend out last week, he was back later that day. Actualy he was back when I was in the shower, can anyone say.. Creepy? It was. My dad's girlfriend is still a mystery, I've never met her, only heard a lot about her. They supposedly met at the mall at the nail salon, now I'm thinking I'm not the only queer in the family. But yea, this is a woman he met, not a man.
My birthday is coming up, in about a month, I get the joy of celebrating with mom, dad, my grandparents, and my friends, keep in mind this is all seperatly. No one should have to endure spending time together. *shakes head* gosh, I love my family. *grins stupidly* Now, if only my grandparents knew I was gay. Maybe that should be their present from me to them for my birthday. That would go over well, ontop of my grandmother's health issues, I would give her a heart attack. I should make sure I'm in her will first. *joke*
Enough sarcasm, I have to go and do nothing.