Club Land IX sucks

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What's heck going on with Dance Scene recently. The anual CD came out really wrong. Everytime We Touch sounds really empty most like a NED anthems. What happen to meaningful floor fillers like Sunrise? Just got off the phone with my dad, and there weren't anythings worth memorizing expect knowing the fact he is ok. I never had any Tear Jerking with my birth parents, but adopted family gave a few tearful moments, that was really rare. People that really make me cry and laugh are my friends and especially roommates. I got a few days off in between assignments, so this weekend has been great and relaxing. I am hoping they're return my usual desk to it's rightful spot. Do they actually expect me to work on a couch? Well I tried that but that didn't work. Anyway I am looking forward to go back to work, house hunting, therapy, and career planning.