Creepy old men and GSAs

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I don't know why, but there is something about older men with moustaches that I see at swimming pools that just creeps me out. When I was at the beach last week, I saw this guy who was right next to my family, reading a newspaper, and I could have sworn he was staring at me or my three-year-old brother. He had this one eye that was all strange and squinty and he looked really, really weird. Another guy yesterday when I was at the pool with my family creeped me out, too. He was old, had a moustache, and was at the deep end of the pool, where I was. It was so creepy. I kept on getting paranoid and thinking, "Go away, stop staring at me!!" even though he probably wasn't.

The most terrifying of my incidents at pools was the one where I saw, horror of all horrors, an old guy in a freakin' SPEEDO!!! Urk, it was awful.

Does anybody else have this problem, or is it just me? I have no idea. Jeez, I'm so weird.

On another topic, I'm planning the meetings for the Gay-Straight Alliance and I need suggestions for topics to discuss during meetings. Does anybody have any ideas?


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You mean old guys in speedos?

You mean old guys in speedos? Yup. There have been many instances when I've been shocked by old guys in speedos. They just don't seem to get that we are all scarred after seeing them. Ick.

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Thank GOODness it's not just me. Yay, I'm not weird!!

Umm...yeah. Right.

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Do you live in Europe? lol

Do you live in Europe? lol

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tehe i think weird kinky old

tehe i think weird kinky old men are hot..from a distance...but keep them away from the children!!!!

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no one should waer speedos un

no one should waer speedos unless your like 20 and have a chiseled body...but then again

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Old guys in speedos? There's

Old guys in speedos? There's an image I'll never be able to erase from my mind...

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