D u think being gay is a choice...?

4% (3 votes)
80% (55 votes)
Not Sure
16% (11 votes)
Total votes: 69


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yes and no...

though it is not a conscious choice to be attracted to only tha same sex, it is a choice to indulge in homosexual behavior
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I disagree. Granted, it is a

I disagree. Granted, it is a choice to indulge in homosexual sex and the like, but not behavior. The feelings are there naturally, therefore it will naturally influence one's behavior. There are certain "behaviors" that are of the homosexual nature (as there are behaviors of the heterosexual nature), and behaviors are caused by one's feelings/instinct more than anything else. Homosexual sex, and acting on those feelings is a choice, as is acting on heterosexual feelings, or homocidial feelings, but just because some guy doesn't have sex with guys (a homosexual can lead a straight-seeming life, if he is in enough denial), doesn't mean he isn't a homosexual.

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that was my point...

I guess my word choice could have been a little bit better.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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no and no...

If it is a choice to induldge in homosexual behavior it is also a choice to indulge in heterosexual behavior.

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i dont think so......it depends on the feelings u basicly get for the same sex,,,

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You don't choose your attract

You don't choose your attractions. They happen. Anyone reacts in a different way to them, however.

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I don't think you can choose

I don't think you can choose which gender you like, or that you can really control your feelings at all. I mean, it's hard--no, impossible--to force yourself to like a certain movie if you think it's completely stupid, just like it's impossible to force yourself to like the opposite gender if you're gay. You can't control your feelings. You can just accept them, ignore them, or try to change them, although I wouldn't recommend that last one.

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First, if homosexuality were

First, if homosexuality were a choice nobody would be gay. Think about it. You may argue "but some teens choose to be bi for attention (and/or social acceptance)!". Yeah... but that's only because homosexuality is present in society. Were it a choice, nobody would choose to be gay, therefore those "I WANNA BE BISEXUAL!1!!1!1" kids would have no example to go by to make their temporary choice of High School sexual preference.

Second, did you once in your life ever say, "OH MY JESUS, I'd really like my family to awkwardly question me, have friends abandon me and get physically/emotionally hurt by homophobes." If you did, you're insane.

It was mentioned earlier in the comments that homosexual behavior is a choice. Yes, and so is heterosexual behavior. Heterosexuals CHOOSE to have sex, as do homosexuals. Neither choose their desire. The behavior thing is mere free will. If one chose to have heterosexual sex but had homosexual desires, that wouldn't make them heterosexual, it just means that they engaged in heterosexual behavior.

In studies where they "change" people's sexuality, it merely ends the behavior, not the desire.

No, homosexuality is not a choice.

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if it was a choice i'd be fuc

if it was a choice i'd be fucking a girl right now