Drugs. Hee hee

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No. Not for me. For my cat. We took her in to the vet a few days ago about a carpet-wetting problem. Guess what they did?! They put her on "anti-anxiety medication". Haha! We just finally got one of the pills down. You have no idea how hard that was! I think that the effects are beginning to show. She's positively mellow! Hee hee. Our cat is stoned. This will be an interesting few months.


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Thats just funny!hehe If p

Thats just funny!hehe

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haha, sounds like our dog on

haha, sounds like our dog on teh 4th! he gets so worked up, so we have to give him half a benidril pill and he like is in a daze the rest of the night, lmao.

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