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Job hunting time has come.
My sister S is coming to get me at my sister J's house at some point today and then we will venture out in the world to pick me up some applications so that I can get a crappy summer job and earn money for my obscenely expensive private college (I went there the other day when I was with my aunt and gave her a semi tour and picked up little souveniers for S and J).

My mother seems to have recovered from the fact that I'm not going home this summer and have begun my semi independent life--not really,about the semi independent life, actually I consider this summer hiatus time.

I do, however, miss my cat the esteemed Fergisheba Mitla Hortensia who is filled with snuggles, but mostly just sheds white fur and claws at things.

I need to change my address so that my mills things will come to my sister's as opposed to Arcata and my real home. I think my summer book came and my mom was supposed to have sent it to me, but I'm not sure she did. I hate feeling behind on all the forms...but given my vacation from the real world it was bound to happen.

Am mostly done with Middlesex and read the Nanny Diaries day before yesterday (J is a nanny and S was before too) so it gave me some fascinating insight.

Gah, college in like six weeks excites me. College!

Need Job in San Rafael.