Fear, hate, love, a totally random hurt-induced ramble

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i've figured it out.

i've figured out why these westboro baptist members and all their little followers hate gay people so much.

they're afraid of them. afraid of what they stand for. afraid of something different. it's like racism in the sense that these people are afraid of change. so they hide behind their religion and their "God" and say hateful things because they wallow in fear, they live in it.

they call us the freaks, when really, they're the abominations against god. they have their children, little blessed children wearing t-shirts with hideous slogans such as: "God hates you" "God hates f*gs" and other slanderous things like that. with PSAs where children spread hate with a smile on their face, thinking they're doing the world a great service, when all they're doing is making themselves look like the devil.

God does not hate us. Who can be sure there is even a god to begin with? Even if there was, I have news for you: God IS love. He does not hate the sinner, he hates the sin. I don't know what sort of sick, twisted tripe these people have been telling you, but it's wrong.

it must be so soul-sickening, to live in fear and hatred all the time. to have such a putrid, stinking, rotting heart in your soulless body.

so, to all the little gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered children growing up in this generation, God does not hate you. You are not an abomnation or a freak or anything these people tell you. You are a human being worthy of love and honor, more so than any of those idiots with their signs. don't EVER let anyone tell you anything different.


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Well said

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Someone needed to say that.

So they came to where you are, too?

No one has a right to sit down and feel hopeless; there is too much work to do.--Dorothy Day

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yeah....couple years ago.

yeah....couple years ago.

"Yes! No! Oh, damn!"

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HERE HERE~!!!!!!!!!!1 I'M

HERE HERE~!!!!!!!!!!1