Feeling alone and it makes me cry

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I feel so alone, like physically alone. I really feel so left out in my little town with little to no connect with my out of city friends who are all working in remote areas this summer. Courts and Jill are together and wqork long hours at a resort so they never get online or even answer their cells. I think I felt the eefect of losing them for the summer today the most..it's Courts 18th Birthday and it's weird not to be there and I feel horrible that I can't be. This really makes me miss lynsey who is at camp, because I know that if I had gone too I would not be so lonely and that I would be able to see courts and jill anytime I wanted..the resort is 15 minutes from camp.I am really sad that lyns hasn't called yet I thought she might have. It's been over a week since I talked to her. But I know she is busy with teh kids at camp. I still miss her lots. Sheryl is at Guiding Mosaic so I can't really get in contact with her and tehn seh is heading to camp.
You guys might think I am crazy for feeling this way and that it sounds ridiculous, but I have spent that last 2 summers with these people and they are so much apart of me even though we rarely see eachother through out the year that it really feels like I am missing part of myself now that they are away. Since sunday I have bneen finding it really hard to do things. I try to take my mind of missing them, but it's hard..all my friends in town work all kinds of weird schedules and there is hardly any chances to get together and when i call someone they always seem to be with otherfriends...people i don't care to hang out with. The toughes days are definently when i can't even talk to anyone at all. I miss them all alot adn I never realized how much i really love being with them until i can't be with them.
Although I am hoping that when i have a 2 week break from work that i can get out to Falcon and stay with jill and court adn see lyns and hopefully sheryl and beth..haha court adn I will ambush camp until we find everyone we are looking for...haha Karol can kiss our asses..


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I'm in over my head

It's not ridiculous to feel that way.
I feel that way all of the time.

"Life is what happens while you are busy
making other plans."
~John Lennon