First Time Journal Writer

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I've been here awhile and never once have I wrote a journal entry. Everything is constantly changing around us, whether or not we want these things to change, they will. I didn't want to see my school suffer the loss of another principal, but it did. All because of some issues that one particular staff member couldn't just let go of. Sometimes change can be good though. Like my town for instance wants to expand, and grow up. I'd love to see this happen, but a lot of residence have already expressed they don't want change. Why would you not want change if it was going to be for the better? Most likely it's the fact that they've all been here so long that if you move something or add something they'd get confused. To sum it all up change is an extremely complicated thing and it's just going to keep on getting more complicated. Now if I can just change the school's policy on how much money they want to spend on Drama Club...Think big...Like The Wizard of Oz big.
Anyway, that's all for now.