fun is good

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I was saying in my last entry that I was gonna go get my dykey haircut. And yay I did it! It's shaved on the left side, but it's not too majorly high, so I still got most of my top, fringe and right side hair which is black and has bright torquoise bits everywhere. Yes I love love love it, I felt kinda weird the first few days with people staring, but it's awesome coz I think I'm finally getting checked out by GIRLS! YAY! Haha Tim said he doesn't think it looks that dykey which I'm ok with because I like to be a little mysterious.. hehe straight people are so clueless. I think yesterday at school a girl checked me out, I mean I've seen her before and she's definetely sent strong signals to my gaydar. But she full on kept on looking back at me, maybe I'm kidding myself and she just really thought my haircut was ugly or something hehe.

OH and tonight the gig! It's gonna go off! Will most likely be going on about how fucken cool it was in my next journal!! Yay for being squashed by cute indie girls!


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Fun is wonderful!

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