fun with dykey hair

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Less than a week until [my favourite band's] concert! I'm so excited about seeing them.. and also seeing my friend Jamie (the girl I came out to thru my letter). She's gonna be going to the gig too and she says she'll finally give me the reply to that letter. I know, she takes her time hey. But I'm pretty over it, it'd be good to see her again though, see if she acts any differently around me. Hope we get to hang out during the nite and have a kickass time. I kinda do want her to be curious and prod me with her questions.. I don't want it be as if that letter never existed. But I guess we'll have to see how it goes.

I'm kinda nervous and excited about tommorow coz I'm gonna go for "the haircut". You know, a step towards that dykey look I guess you could say haha. Nah I'm not gonna shave it all off, I'm taking baby steps, just shaving half off lol. Yeah I made a little hairstyle forum last week on what I should do with my hair, cheers to those who replied, helped me heaps :] I've been religiously googling for cool hair and I finally found the style I want! Plus I didn't realise how many cute girls there are on the net hehe. So yeah I'm gonna bring a picture of this random girl who has one side of her head shaved (not full on skinhead) and the other side shortish with some light bluey green through her fringe. It's awesome, well I think it is.

I showed my sister what I was going to get done, she said go for it which is cool. She secretly likes me being a bit weird haha. But I really wanna get my hair done by the gig next week.. I dunno, I wanna look good? Maybe to impress Jamie..? I dunno why, hehe I just like the attention I think. She hasn't seen my lip ring either. Yeah so I can't chicken out tommorow, it feels like my haircut will be swinging the closet door open. But I'm glad. I'll be more detectable on your stock standard gaydar. Might post pics of the new do if it's not a complete disaster!