Goin To A Phsycologist for depresion but i think jus have to many issues unsolved or maybe jus to many skeletons in tha closet

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shit life been rough and i realizes that i dont trust anyone to a cerain point i mean i feel as if no one knows me but then everyone knows me so im dang wats wrong wit me then im like am i sick or am i jus thinkin im sick so yah my brains all over tha places and i have this like gapin pain that i dont even no wat its bout so i ju hurt alot lately and been on edge and will snap at anyone when im in the wrong mood and stuff so yeah i havent talk to my bestfriend in 3 days after not being able to talk to her for a week so kinda like 10 days seein that we realy didnt talk on sunday so yeah so rite now my minds reeling bout wether im jealous or im jus mad we havent spending alot of time together cuz ... well im not goin to get into of far that ill get piss and snap at anyone and get into trouble well got to roll byz

p.s. my grams whos a phsycoloist say i mite i depression i jus thing that i hav issues i dont know how to handle so yeah....lotz of them i guess mainly to do wit my mom death that never got handled now byz