Happy Birthday to me!!

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Today was quite a day. First of I had to go and get some blood tests and some ultrasound scans done coz I might have hepititis(God knows where from).Then as I get home, My aunt phones me to tell me she just got hi-jacked and got her purse stolen.She was okay though. The guys just broke a window and took her purse that was on the seat. So I sat at the police station with her whilst she filled out a report(I doubt they'll even get the guys who did it). Then we had no electricity for practically the whole day. No cake,no cards,no happy birthdays.All in all I wouldn't say it was such a bad day.Still, Happy Birthday to me!!!! :-)


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yay happy b'day african guy!!

yay happy b'day african guy!!!! btw, hope u'r aunt is ok and that whoever you fucked to get that hepititis was worth it!

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Happy B-day man...

Ur aunt will recover...just buy her a good .45 and then she won't have to fear assholes like that...lol. Happy birthday man...how old are you? Hope africa's been treating you well, and hopefully you won't have hepititus...happy birthday...BTW, I was serious about the .45-they can come in handy...later.

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Interesting birthday. Still happy birthday

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