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Thats right people it's Canada Day today. fireworks are in 3 and a half hours..doubt I will go though. I can't find my friends and some I just don't really want to call much less spend the evening with tonite. I was supposed to go to winnipeg to stay with my friend yesterday, but things happened. This pass week was grad and more grad and a whole lot more of grad stuff. so I am officially out of High School WOOT!!! Yah so by the end of the week I was very tired and on top of that I started my new job yesterday. It was really good I had alot of fun(played with more dolls yesterday then I ever have since I was 10) I worked for 8 hours looking after kids then walked home in the pouring rain it took me 45 minutes to get home! I was so cold and wet and tired and really had not wanted to go to winnipeg at all. I had been dreading it all week. way more than I could put up with this past week. When my mom asked how my day was i started to cry, don't really know why I think that it was jsut a long stressful week and winnipeg was really the last place i wanted to be and i would have had to walk to the bus which would have been 20 minutes iin the rain again. rrgghh. Not only did i not want to go but i didn't want to have to phone lynsey and tell her that i was not coming. She took it alot better than I thought she was going too. I still think she was mad even though she didn't say she was. I know she is still pissed that i am not coming to camp this summer and I hate to break it to her, but i was alittle upset too I love caddy and i know that i let down kids by not going and all of this is enough to make me cry yet again, which i relaly don't need to do. I was feeling alot better this morning. I went to bed around 11 but I couldn't get to sleep. when I got up it was already 11 this morning. I did nothing today but I am tired and jsut kinda in a bad mood. blah


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You people have a day just to celebrate the country? Meh. Have fun anyway

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"