Heres The Letter

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jeeze this paper is big, kinda glad cuz i got alot to say. i want to start off wit thanks for tryin to help but i figured
god made me who i am i didnt choose this and i know he still loves me. so yeah i plan on doin church stuff wit u seein as
i wont do it bymself. but theres something i got to say this summer ive realized my type who i fall for easyily, who i am
and stuff like that...ive also realized that i have a hard time trustin peepsand.. ...realized i needed to tell u
i like plz say u knew cuz if not dekayla and me r totally gonna think ur stupid..jk...well remeber when i told u
i wrote a peom for my crush well here it is:
My love is new
my love is naive
my love is shuned
my love is disgusted
my love is happy
my love is facinating
my love is beautiful
my love is exsquiset
my love is original
my love is different
my love is close
and my love is for you.

yeah like i know u dont like me bak and yall but still call me or msn

im either gonna email it to her if i cant get her to the movies next friday or give it to her tonite if she there wish me good luck bye


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hey. hope all goes well. GOOD

hey. hope all goes well. GOOD LUCK =)

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"

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I cross my fingers for you!

I cross my fingers for you!

I just want somebody listening to what I say...